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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Honeybee Pictures

I have become a beekeeper since starting this blog several years ago. Here are a few closeups.  If you'd like to follow my beekeeper blog visit: Bauden's Beelicious Bees

Worker bee on an Aster
Queen Victoria in my hive

Closeup of a worker honeybee (female)

Closeup of a drone honeybee (male)

Busy working for pollen

Group of honeybees on the inner cover

Worker with her pollen pants on

Giant Dragonfly

Dragonfly hanging out at the lake


Osprey in flight

Beautiful Sunset into Night

Sun sinking down


Cool cloud formations
Moon slowly coming out

This is my first attempt to shoot the big dipper

Giant Eagle

Eagle in flight 
Giant wings

It felt like it was looking at me

Hummingbird Beauty

Happy little hummingbird

Waiting to get a drink

Gorgeous Iris

How lovely are these irises?


There was a great rainbow after a thunderstorm this week.

A New Start 2016

Hello everyone! It's been a long time. I'm hoping to jet start some photography this summer.

Let's start with a couple nature pics.

A bumblebee pollinating
A Robin taking in the sunshine.

I hope to add a few pictures a couple times a week.